Sunday, November 3, 2013

Moved to Act

Today is Orphan Sunday.  I am so thankful for today- as many churches raised awareness of the orphan crisis throughout the world.  In our hearts and in our home, God is awakening our own hearts to the needs that so many children have  - for love and for a family.  We just watched the documentary Stuck.  Please, take the time to watch this documentary (available on netflix).   God has been changing our hearts and making us more aware of the needs of so many children throughout the world.  And for our child.  Knowing that an adoption is before us means that our child will endure hardship and pain that I wish I could keep from them.  I pray that God will surround them with someone who will give them love and nurture as they wait for that day that they are with us.   And I pray that they are with us soon.

God has given us this one life on earth.  His word promises us that what we do to the least of these, we are doing unto Him.  He is the driving force behind our love for the child that is alone in this world.  And as many adoptive parents have said over and over again, this is not about rescuing a child-  this is about a child joining our family.  Children are a gift from the Lord.  But there is no doubt that the situations that so many children are living in- by no fault of their own- is so broken and I just wish that each one could be snatched right out of that pain and placed into a loving home.  We cannot live indifferent to the needs of these children.

We have to be moved to act.  

In your churches and among your family and friends- I urge you, please reach out to the families that are stepping out into adoption.  You can play a huge part in encouraging these families, praying for them, helping them as they raise the needed funds, and really-  walking alongside them as they  bring their child into their family.  That is huge and it is life changing,  And it is worth every effort.

Please pray for us, and walk alongside us, as we take this leap of faith.  We have already been so blessed by the support of some very precious people to us.  We couldn't be more thankful. We are in awe of God placing support around us, and truly guiding us step by step in this journey. 

And to you, the little one that God is burning a fire in our hearts for, we are praying for you and loving you, you are treasured and valued to us.  Our family is waiting for you and we love you. 

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