Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oh, Paperwork!

Well, we are in what is often referred to as the "paper chase" stage of our adoption process.... and that is exactly what it is.  Order this, wait for that, copy this, sign that, notarize this, schedule that....and continue that cycle 10 times, then again backwards, spin around three times and your paperwork will be ready to send to China.  Easy enough, right?!

After preparing for the past few months, it has been so nice to take these steps forward.  For some reason, the weeks coming to this point were very crazy and hectic.  All of our kids were getting sick off and on, a certain two year old was boycotting his nap, and things were just kind of going a little nuts. We felt like things stirred up right before taking that initial step toward the adoption, and then once we did, we just sensed things really slow down and settle.  It really was a reminder to us that in this adoption process we need to hear God's voice and truth above all of the other voices and that there is an enemy that sees this as a battleground.  We do not want to fall into fear or self doubt, but trust that wherever God leads us, He will provide for our every need and give us the strength.  He is faithful, He will do it!  We can trust in Him as we follow His leading.

Been reading Psalm 100-105 often this week, which talks about all of the great things God has done in the past.  From leading His people out of Egypt to parting the Red Sea, breaking the chains of bondage, and even sending manna down from heaven - His works were so great, yet the people would forget so quickly.   Let our prayer be that we not forget the great works that He has done!

                                                     "Seek the Lord and His strength;
                                                        seek His presence continually! 
                                        Remember the wondrous works that He has done,
                                             His miracles and the judgements he uttered,
                                                   O offspring of Abraham, his servant,
                                                   children of Jacob, His chosen ones!
                                                              He is the Lord our God;"
                                                                    Psalm 105:4-7

God provided all that we need to take our first steps in our home study and dossier!!!  We are amazed and in awe at His provision!  One of the ways we are trying to bring in the funds we need is through selling- and right around the time when we had only a few items left, with most of the big stuff gone, we were blessed with two vans filled with great things to sell!  Most of those items are already sold, and it didn't take long!  Another friend of ours has asked us to bring over our van because they have some furniture that they would like to clear out of storage.  It has been so neat because every time it seems we are out of things to sell, God provides a new supply.  He moves in awesome ways.

We are so filled with thankfulness to all who have helped us and prayed for us this far in our adoption journey!!  It has meant so much to our family.  There is nothing like seeing hearts moved and hands extended to help bring our child home.  We cannot wait to one day share with our child all that God has done to prepare the way for bringing them home, and all of the many hearts that showed love to them in being part of it. 

In a few weeks, we will have the opportunity to attend an adoption conference.  We are so looking forward to this as an opportunity to grow and learn about many adoption issues!  Please keep us in prayer with this trip, and that God would use it to provide us more wisdom, knowledge and discernment as we prepare to parent our little one. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Step Closer

Little one, we are one step closer to you tonight.  Our application has officially been submitted to our adoption agency.  Yay!!   :)  What a happy day!   We are so overjoyed and thankful for what God is doing to bring us together, and you are loved and treasured more than words could even say.  We cannot wait to hold you and watch you grow.  God has moved in our hearts with every single step as we move closer to you.  The Bible tell us that God walks before us, behind us, and beside us.  He is with us, and He is with you!  We are praying for you every day!  We love you.

Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon His name;
make known His deeds among the peoples!
 Sing to Him, sing praises to Him;
tell of all His wondrous works!
Glory in His holy name;
let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice!
Seek the Lord and His strength;
seek His presence continually!
Remember the wondrous works that He has done,
His miracles, and the judgments He uttered,
Psalm 105:1-5