Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Adopt?

This is a question often asked when some hear of adoption-  the question of why?  Why adopt?   We have 3 beautiful children.  I stay at home full time.  My husband is a school teacher.  We are not prepared to just write a check to cover all the adoption fees and walk away.  And that is just the beginning- just getting our child here.  Once he/she is- there is the commitment to parent, nurture, love, and support him/her along with the 3 children God has already blessed us with.

It will take sacrifice, hard work, saving, fundraising, praying, and really- GOD working to provide for us in all that we need. 

However, inside the church and among the people of God, I rarely hear the question "why?"  For those who have accepted Jesus, we know why.  We know what Jesus did on our behalf.  And for every one of us in Christ, we know that each of us too were once an orphan, but we have been made a child of God.

Because of His great love, He sought us, fought for us, and He has promised to keep us. There is no sacrifice greater than the one Christ made on our behalf, and there is no greater picture of love than what He did to bring us back to Himself.

When speaking of adoption with those who have their faith firmly in Christ, what is most evident is a response filled with faith, trust, hope, and security in Christ. And the excitement to know and partake in something that is so close to God's heart.  As believers, we are commanded to care for the orphans.  This is an act of obedience, but also an act of joy.  In walking forward with adoption in our family, we are going to have the privilege and honor to see God move and work in the life of a precious child that He created in His image and for His purpose. 

Our closest friends and family have asked, "how can I help?"  In a few short days of sharing our desire to adopt, we have seen God move in the hearts of others to stand along us in this journey, and be actively involved. They know that we are all called to be defenders of the fatherless.  We are all called to love justice.  We are all called to show mercy.

This is about making an immeasurable difference in the life of a child.

This is not about ourselves.  This is not a work of ourselves.  We cannot boast.  We are not adopting because of who we are, we are adopting because of who God is.  This is part of His story.  He is moving our hearts, He is directing our steps, He is providing the way, He is establishing it, and He is enabling it in every way.  Nothing is out of His hands.  He already knows how he will bring restoration to the life of our child and place him/her in a family.  He already is working in their life.  He is a good and merciful God.

We are so thankful for everyone who stands with us in this!  It is SO exciting  :)

I cannot wait to see what is ahead!!

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