Monday, May 26, 2014

Puzzle Fundraiser!

Our adoption process has really been moving along!  We have been waiting for the mail to arrive that says our home study is finalized, and then our focus will be getting the last few things for our dossier ready, so that it can be sent to China.  We could be just a few months away from knowing our child's name, learning our child's story, and seeing our child's face.  The way things are tracking in our adoption process, we can be matched with a child as early as this fall!!

We are starting a puzzle fundraiser that probably many of you have seen done before- but if you haven't I will explain.  We have a puzzle in which the pieces represent our child's story-  piece by piece, step by step, God is bringing our child home.  We are asking for loving contributors to "buy" a piece of the puzzle, and have their hand in bringing our child home. 

Puzzle Pieces WEB
We are asking for a donation of $20 for every puzzle piece.  Your name will then go on the back of the puzzle piece, and when our puzzle is complete we will be able to frame it to see two sides-  the finished puzzle (which we will reveal slowly, ahhh the suspense)  and the side that shows all of the names of the people who lovingly gave to help bring our little one home.  

So, there it is!  $20 for one puzzle piece.   You can buy a piece by clicking the donate button on our blog.  You can also buy a piece in person, or contact us for our mailing information if you prefer to send a check through the mail.   Thank you so much!

Can you buy more than one piece?  YES!!    You can buy one for every member of your family, or in honor of someone, or you can buy one to put your favorite verse on it.

When we started this journey, we were following the leading that God put on our hearts.  He opened our eyes and ears to the cries of the orphan.  It is a heartbreaking reality for so many children-  God never designed children to grow up in orphanages.  The hurt that these children bear is unimaginable.  A friend of mine has said, "If more people step foot in orphanages, more children would be adopted."  Looking in the eyes of the children who endure this pain changes everything.  We knew that in our family, our children would love the joy of another sibling and we would love the blessing of another child.  And for our child- who waits for us-  we so look forward to the day that we can tell them how loved, wanted, and cherished they are.  To show them the other side of the puzzle.  To let them see with their own eyes how God unfolded their story in bringing them home.  For so many families who feel open to adoption, the cost sometimes feels too daunting to take that first step.  For us, we felt that same fear and uncertainty, but from the beginning we have been praying that God would increase our faith in Him and truly TRUST that He will provide as we walk through this process.   What the Lord calls, He establishes.  We can truly say that God has put this on our hearts and walking in obedience even just to the point we are today has strengthened our faith in the God we serve.  It is not about us, it is about Him and His purpose.  He will do it.  Praise Him.  

 It is so amazing for us to think about how God has known the exact child for our family, the child that He stirred this desire in our hearts to go overseas and bring home.  It is so incredible, we stand in awe of His provision and guidance throughout this journey.   And we continue in prayer, asking that we would rest in Him and seek His direction and guidance with the many steps and decisions ahead.  Please pray for us, that we would have wisdom and discernment that can only come from God, and that we would clearly hear His voice in leading us which way to go.  And that we would follow.

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