Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Year Later

I have so much to be thankful for with how God is working in our lives.  He is changing our hearts, our desires, and our passions!  What a loving and gracious God we serve!

As I see the Christmas decorations in my house, I cannot help but remember what it was like last year.   This time last year, we were praying fervently for God to help us.  Our home was filled with the joy of newborn baby Noelle , and yet there was complete uncertainty of what was ahead with my own health.  We were in the midst of such a trial, and doctors were telling us our worst fears about a tumor that was found in the muscle of my face.  We were so broken, and all we could do is cry out to God and pray for Him to bring healing and protection.   After my surgery, it was truly a miracle of God to hear the word benign.  Thank you, Lord!  Having that happen in my life made me feel like I was being given the gift of life all over again!

And now I look back in amazement over how things change in a year.   I had no idea that God would bring our hearts to adoption.  No idea at all.  But I am so thankful!  I am so overjoyed that God is teaching me more of His heart.  The opportunities that we have had to teach our children through this adoption has been beautiful!  Our kids are changing and growing through it, and we are changing and growing.  Our hearts are so much more for these children in need.  No child should be without a family.  Each child is precious in God's sight, and I pray that our lives would display that we treasure what He treasures.

Can't help but wonder if we will be holding a picture of your sweet face this time next year.

If you want to see God move in your life, step out in a leap of faith.  We have been watching His hand move in this adoption process literally day in and day out.  It feels like when you go before God with a willing heart, He just moves with it.  It's like literally, you come to a place of giving it to Him, and then you stand in awe at His work.  God is meeting our every need, we are watching Him do it.  Praise Him!

We pray for you, little one.  We are asking God to surround you with gentle hands and love until you come to us.  And we thank the Lord, who is the God of restoration, for how He has wonderful things planned for you!  He has a purpose for your life, and He has ordained that you become ours!  What a wonderful God we serve! 

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